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What a Way to Make a Living

What A Way To Make A Living is Organization Theater at its best -- wildly entertaining and loaded with invaluable lessons about organizational life. It’s a powerful package for large audiences that combines stage performance with a jumbo version of The Organization Workshop. Those of us who have worked in any kind of organization cannot help but see ourselves in this satirical romp -- with songs -- as a demoralized work force, a frazzled middle management team, and a burdened top executive group struggle to find their way to partnership.

What A Way is a perfect one-hour program for an annual meeting, business retreat, team development session, holiday gift, or customer appreciation day. Can be done in conjunction with the Organization Workshop.

"I laughed until I cried and then cried until I laughed. The impact of the play stays with you long after the performance has ended."

"You couldn't have exceeded my expectations more....This was just what the team needed to move to the next level of performance."

"If a picture is worth 1,000 words, the drama, music, and script played out was worth a million words. Very effective."

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Several years ago I met with John Carter – Hierarchy’s central character - to explore the possibility of writing a case study describing the amazing work he had been doing in his organization. In just a few years he had transformed a perpetually money-losing operation, the regular target of management and customer anger, with a dispirited workforce into for the first time ever into a profitable operation with an enviable service record and a highly motivated workforce. How he did this was the subject of the case I had planned to write; the case I did write told a more complex story, and that case was further dramatized as Hierarchy.

Hierachy can also be used as an interactive theatre piece that allows audience members to enter a scene and attempt to create more positive outcomes. What’s your question here? It explores several common organizational themes: the clash of divergent cultures, the accomplishments and the pitfalls of personal hubris, the tensions between change and status quo, and between individuality and conformity. The play, without resolving these issues, is intended to leave the audience with questions about similar matters in their own organizational lives.

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Peace is a 10-minute play that deals with the Palestinian/Israeli conflict as played out in the tension between the conflicting positions and philosophies of father and daughter. Peace has been performed regularly sometimes fully staged and sometimes as staged reading.

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Betrayed centers around the career of Roger Casement, an Englishman who is knighted by his government for the role he plays in uncovering greed, corruption, slavery, and murder in King Leopold’s Congo, and then is hung by that same government for treason. Casement’s career illuminates the irony of justice: heroic when confronting evil somewhere else, yet disloyal, unpatriotic, and potentially treasonous when confronting injustice in one’s own system. Casement’s life and death has resonance for whistle blowers in organizations and government, and especially for those who are in opposition to what they consider their country’s unjust war.

All characters are on stage throughout the play enabling Casement to dialogue with Morel, a friend and ally; Maurice, Casement’s black lover; King Leopold; and the jurors who are trying Casement for treason.

Although inspired by real events (particularly by Adam Hochschild’s King Leopold’s Ghost), the play is a work of fiction.

Power Play

Power Play is a Power Lab fantasy. Three people appear to be the “power people” in a surreal setting. The play is a riff on the interplay among various experiences of power: Queen delights in its raw exercise; Nugent’s value driven qualms are not strong enough to cause her to relinquish power; and Leafy is perpetually uncomfortable as a Have in a society with Have-nots.
Power Play is a 20-30 minute play.

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