Power In The Middle is based on Barry Oshry’s seminal studies of middle positions in organizational life. This one-hour presentation will completely transform the way those in the middle experience the pressures and demands of their jobs. Middles will come away feeling understood, liberated, and empowered.


The Presentation

This presentation examines the typical middle pattern whereby those in the middle become torn, weak, ineffective, unable to satisfy anyone adequately, and disempowered individually and collectively. It then offers concrete strategies for unleashing the full value of middle positions, and demonstrates how those in the middle can become the key players in organizational success.


Unique Features

  • It offers an eye-opening framework that de-personalizes middle issues and helps make them manageable.
  • It provides a proactive approach for those feeling caught in the middle.
  • It offers specific, concrete strategies that those in the middle can implement immediately.
  • It is based on years of research and solid systems theory.


Target Audience

Those who feel “the middle squeeze” regardless of their level or position, and those who manage middles.

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Bring Power in the Middle to your organization.