The lack of teamwork at the top can have devastating effects that ripple throughout the organization -- the formation of silos or stovepipes, mixed messages cascading throughout the organization, lack of cooperation across functions – all of which ultimately have impact on the bottom line.

The Presentation

This live one-hour presentation uses a systems lens to clarify the difficulties of creating teamwork at the top. It examines how the complexity and responsibility at the top often results in divisiveness among top executives with consequences for the rest of the organization. It offers concrete strategies for managing the unique challenges of the top world. The result is powerful teamwork at the top with positive benefits for the rest of the organization.

Unique Features

  • It offers an eye-opening framework that de-personalizes top issues and begins to make them manageable.
  • It is based on years of research and solid systems theory.
  • The top executives will feel understood, not judged.
  • They will come away ready to work on the issues.
  • It takes a complex and sensitive subject and presents it in a way that can be heard and integrated.

Target Audience

The presentation is valuable for both top executives and the people who work with them.

Bring Why No Top Teams into your organization.