“My client is getting some real cultural change as a result [of The Organization Workshop I conducted] -- people are already using the language, and the Middles have begun Middle Integration meetings without the help of an outside facilitator. “

Tom Devane, Consultant

“Our certification process last week was one of the best I've ever experienced. Marcia had an extraordinary ability to drive an intense learning agenda while giving us space to grapple with both our own individual styles of working with the material, and how the material fits with the other work we do.”

Trish Silber, Consultant

"The OW Trainer Certification was one of the most enriching learning experiences of my life.  I came away from the week with a much stronger understanding of the concepts underpinning (human) systems thinking, and a great sense of excitement, purpose and confidence about deploying these ideas in my work.  A must-do for anyone who wants to get serious about (human) systems thinking."

Damian Riley, Sr. Manager, Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP

“I started out doing Organization Workshops just for their Senior Vice President Leadership programs. The feedback was so good from the SVPs and there were so many requests for their bosses to experience the simulation that they did it! One hundred of the Managing Directors went through the simulation last year. They brought people in from all over the world (50 at a time). Even the Chief Operating Officer came! It has been very exciting and gratifying. My client has contracted with me to do at least 5 more next year. I love doing the simulation. Every time I learn something new or learn an important lesson again.”

Marianne Roy, Consultant

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