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“Many years ago, I made a simple observation that has proved to be the foundation of our work at Power+Systems.

In organization after organization, regardless of their business, their size, the country they were in, I found the same self-limiting patterns of behavior: misunderstandings across organizational lines, misdirected energy, destructive conflict, stress, lost opportunities, disengagement, and customer dissatisfaction.

And in every case, people thought their problems were unique to them. They blamed their unique circumstances or the personal characteristics of the specific people involved. And since their explanations were personal, so were their solutions: fix, fire, rotate the people, or send them off to training. The only problem was: the same issues kept coming back.

My observation those many years ago was that the vast majority of these issues were not personal; they were systemic, and that the path to developing sane, healthy, creative, and productive human systems lies not in changing the players, but in helping people at all levels and in all positions, understand and master the systemic conditions they are in.

And that continues to be our story at Power + Systems.”

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