Power + Systems delivers workshops designed to accelerate the impact of your organization’s initiatives. Each workshop is a high-involvement, reality-based event that will unleash the productive power of your people and your organization. Each is grounded in our proven methodology and will give participants new ways of seeing and understanding the worlds in which they and others operate, and they will walk away with tools and strategic frameworks to put that into action. The learning is impactful, powerful and lasting, because it gets participants in the gut and the head.

The Organization Workshop

The Organization Workshop gets to the heart of partnership in organization life – why partnership is critical to organizational success, what gets in the way of it developing, and the role of leaders in making it happen. In this dynamic leadership development program executives and managers focus on the worlds of Tops (Executives), Middles (Middle Management) Bottoms (Employees), and Customers during turbulent times. Learn More

In The Middle

The In The Middle Workshop illuminates life in "middle" positions in organizations. It clarifies the stresses of middle positions, the disempowering pitfalls to be avoided, the strategies for empowerment, and the unique contributions empowered middles can make to the organization. Learn More

The When Cultures Meet Workshop

The When Cultures Meet Workshop addresses the pitfall and payoffs when different organizational cultures meet. For example, one organization acquires another looking to strengthen itself in the marketplace. Two business units find they need to work together more effectively. A workplace is becoming increasingly diverse. In each of these scenarios different cultures come face to face. The challenge is to use the unique strengths of the parts to create a more powerful and effective whole. Learn More

The Power Lab

The Power Lab is designed to unleash your power so that you can have the impact you want to have in your organization and elsewhere in your life. The central feature of The Power Lab is a three-class community with sharp differences in wealth and power. You enter this world either as an Elite who owns and controls most of the resources, as an Immigrant with little more than the clothes on your back, or as a Middle who needs to function between these two contrasting worlds. Working with your personal coach, you’ll expand the limits of your leadership potential. Learn More