WHEN CULTURES MEET Client Testimonials

“The 'When Cultures Meet' simulation is one of the most powerful learning experiences Microsoft provided its leaders. It has been very useful in helping people get clear on the responsibility they each own when Microsoft acquires a new company, or during the many reorganizations they experience. In the 20 years I have been doing leadership development work, there has been no more effective learning tool to achieve these results.”
Kevin Purcell, Organization Development Consultant

“I’ve seen the destructive results of individuals and entire departments going their own way on projects rather than seeking common ground. WHEN CULTURES MEET addressed in a creative and thought-provoking way just how these silos and divisions are born and perpetuate, and how they can be overcome. It brought me to a new level of understanding of how other people view their work situations and what it takes to work together as a team.”
Ken Giglio, Assistant Vice President, Prebon Yamane (USA), Inc.

“The simulation was highly engaging and directly relevant to demonstrating human nature, the implications of our behaviour in formulating cultures, the resulting barriers, and the significance of our behaviour to our everyday lives personally, at the workplace, socially, and on a global level. This was a very deeply moving learning for me.”
Susan N.l. Alikhan, Consulting Manager, Technology and Solutions, BMO Financial Group

“This program is a must attend for anyone who is involved in work with other cultures. The interactive learning experience in addition to the presented research theory provides solid grounding on which to build one’s self awareness and ongoing learning.”
Tricia Steege, CEO, Transformation Strategies

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