"I did The Organization Workshop for the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency last year. I didn't really expect to hear from them again this year because of all the budget cuts. But they called last week and said, "As you probably guess, we are in "budget hell" and all training has been cut EXCEPT The Organization Workshop because people said it was so valuable." Just wanted you to know you have created a recession proof course!"
Stephanie McGovern, Certified Organization Workshop Trainer, High Performance Systems, Inc.

"The content of this training, as well as the execution of the simulation by Amber and Sophie, brought together staff from various levels of our organization. As I watched my staff open up to each other through conversation and dialogue on issues of hierarchy that rarely get discussed, I began to see a sense of teamwork and shared understanding develop among the group. The experience was personally engaging and undoubtedly left us with a greater sense of community, while giving us tools with which to address and work with issues surrounding hierarchy in our organization. I expect this training to have a lasting effect on our work!"
Andy Falender, Executive Director, The Appalachian Mountain Club

"We have immersed over 3000 Boeing leaders in your incredible Organization Workshop."

Jan M. Wilmott, Former Director, Curriculum & Programs, Boeing Leadership Center

"The Organization Workshop that Bill Wilson facilitated for us last month was terrific. The simulation was fun and engaging while the discussion was invigorating. And as one of our participants said, 'The time to reflect was brilliant.'

"For any group of people who work together, the insights about tops, middles, and bottoms...can only enhance empathy, camaraderie, and effectiveness in the organization. Thank you for an enlightening stopover on our journey to becoming a learning organization."
Lynn Cavall,
Former Director,
Organizational Development/Human Resources
Florida Education Association

"The experience made an immediate positive impact and has provided lift to our integrative efforts. You (Marcia) made a very important contribution to the potential future success of this team -- thank you."
Max Donley, Senior Director, Human Resources, MedImmune, Inc.

“Thirty of our senior managers attended The Organization Workshop three months ago and they continue to talk about the insights they received. The most powerful message for them seemed to be how to manage the “muddle in the middle”. We’ve seen them become more collaborative and strategic in their alliances. I credit these results to their learning from the workshop.”
Alesia Latson, Former Consultant, Fidelity Investments

“Over ten years ago I attended The Organization Workshop. I never forgot what I learned. When it came time in our organization’s culture change for managers to do a “paradigm shift,” I wanted everyone to hear Barry explain things from his unique point of view. Once our managers learned that they have a choice of how to behave and interact, walls came down, territories merged, and people liked their jobs a whole lot better. We never want to slip back to our old ways of doing things.”
Janice M. Smallacombe, Former President, Maritrans, Inc.

“I just wanted to let you know that The Organization Workshop facilitated by Phil Novick was outstanding. I was quite impressed with Phil’s intense preparation for the class and flawless facilitation during the actual training. I continue to receive quite positive comments from attendees. The Power + Systems theoretical approach and its no-nonsense application of it are right on target.”
Fred W. Graf, Director, Strategic Planning, U.S. International Boundary Water Commission

“I know that after 10 years of utilizing The Organization Workshop that the language of this systems model is part of Microsoft’s common management and leadership language, and as such has helped strengthen the community of leaders at Microsoft.”
John Colburn, Former Manager, Management & Leadership Development, Microsoft

“It is a wonderful leadership simulation! Definitely worth considering for any level of leadership development.”
Vonda Melton, Former Manager, Leadership Development, Ashland Inc.

“I would strongly recommend Power + Systems workshops. They provide an insight into human organizational behavior that can be found no where else.”
Richard Phillips, Leadership Development, Federal Agency

“The workshop was fabulous! The participants tremendously enjoyed the interactive nature of it and felt very validated through their experiences. It opened up a whole realm of awareness and gave them creative ideas for action. I am sure you get this feedback from most of your sessions - it is a very powerful workshop.”
Andrea Lewis, Former Manager, Leadership Development, Freddie Mac

“I have to admit that I approached the program and this simulation with the attitude of "done that, got the T-shirt". But I have to confess that I truly learned and participated, and received messages I'll never forget.”
Mary Robinson, Sr. Manager, Lockheed Martin

"Thank you for a great workshop. I have to say that it was one of the best I have attended (and I have attended many) in its clarity of model, instructional design, and usefulness."
Donna Kaye, Associate Director, Human Resource
Development Department, UNC Health Care

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