2019 Power Lab: March 31 – April 5, Centerville, MA, USA

It's like no other leadership development program.
See the impact this new perspective had on these graduates.

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Who The Power Lab is for

  • Leaders who want to be more effective influencing the future direction of their companies

  • Leaders who are taking on increasing responsibilities and want to be successful

  • Leaders seeking to work across boundaries more productively and break down barriers

  • High potentials and fast-trackers who want to accelerate learning about their personal power, their personal barriers, and their system power potential

  • Leaders looking for the skills and courage to take their organizations to the next level

  • Leaders who are adventurous learners

  • Executive coaches seeking to develop system leaders

Why Should I Go?

Organizations at the forefront of change require leaders with a deep understanding of how human systems operate along with the courage and skills to navigate the complexities of system life. The Power Lab, like no other executive program, is the training ground for the development of such leaders.

The Power Lab features a total immersion experience involving a three-class community with distinct differences in wealth and power. Participants are "born" into one of the three classes. In this setting all the critical issues of power and leadership emerge clearly, and participants are confronted with these head on. Here participants get to take a good look at their usual ways of handling these issues, explore new approaches, and test their limits. It is this total immersion experience that plays a key role in creating the lasting learning of The Power Lab.

How it works

The Power Lab produces results through the combination of the intense total immersion experience described above, expert in-the-action coaching, personal and system reflection, and system frameworks.

Coaching. All Power Lab participants have their own personal coaches. Coaches work with participants before, during, and after the lab. Coaches help participants stay alert to their choices, explore strategies, test new behaviors, and remain focused on their learning goals. They provide feedback that is both insightful and challenging.

Reflection. Personal reflection is encouraged throughout. In addition there is an extensive systemic reflection period in which the immersion experience is thoroughly reviewed and mined for system learning. Here participants have the rare opportunity to see into and understand the different experiences of those who were in other parts of the system.

This experience of seeing the total system has lasting impact on participants' understanding of system life and ability to drive change.

Strategic Systemic Frameworks. Woven throughout the program are strategic frameworks that provide participants ways of understanding system phenomena. These become the bases for taking action. Topics cover such issues as powerful systems, the challenges of creating teamwork at all levels, system power moves, limit situations, and working with the different worlds of Tops, Middles, and Bottoms.

What participants come away with

The interactions in the Power Lab provide participants with real-life opportunities to test and develop themselves against such competencies as:

  • Being politically savvy

  • Being comfortable dealing with authority–one’s own and others’

  • Being adept at working across boundaries

  • Being willing to take needed risks, and more


Use it to examine your usual patterns of behavior and to identify issues you need to work on. It’s a great warm-up tool for your Power Lab experience. Note: If you register for The Power Lab, your results will be a focus of a pre-program conversation with your coach.


The Power Lab produces lasting results

In a survey of Power Lab graduates from 1983 to 2007, results show:

  • 92% of Power Lab graduates reported making a significant impact on their organization as a result of attending

  • 97% said The Power Lab was a good or excellent use of their time and money

  • 100% reported significant learning


Register for The Power Lab

March 31 – April 5, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

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